IFOAM Apitculture Forum

About the IFOAM Apiculture Forum (IAF)

The Coop Sustainability Fund supports the development of this website aiming to provide information to the organic beekeeping sector. It is not meant exclusively for organic beekeepers, but also for other actors such as advisors, certifiers, the processing industry of organic beekeeping products, traders, development agencies interested in organic apiculture, etc.

Main objective

The main aim of the IFOAM Apiculture Forum is to advance the development of organic beekeeping and to encourage the traditional practices employed by sustainable beekeeping. The tasks to be tackled are many and various. One of them is to expand the current organic beekeeping standards, which so far have concentrated on quality aspects of honey and other beekeeping produce, to give added weight to the species-appropriate needs of bees. At a time when beekeepers the world over are suffering from the severe depletion of their bee colonies, the forum also sees its job as a lobby and platform designed to raise awareness of the need to combat practices that damage the environment and are harmful to bees and, last but not least, to guarantee beekeepers a sustainable source of income.

Specific objectives

  • to be a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas on how to improve the health and vitality of bees and the further development of organic beekeeping standards
  • to promote organic beekeeping through local or international events
  • to enhance the awareness of bees and their positive impact on the organic agriculture sector (e.g. pollination, income generation, etc.)
  • to launch development strategies for the organic beekeeping sector (studies, research concepts etc.)
  • to include all forms of beekeeping, including indigenous, wild and traditional apiculture practice systems

See more in the Procedures of the IFOAM Apiculture Forum (828.3 KB)

The IFOAM Apiculture Forum is a self-organised structure of IFOAM - Organics International.