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Video series "Organic farming through the course of a year"

This series of videos (in German and French) introduces the work of organic beekeepers during the course of a year. It was implemented by Thomas Alföldi and Thomas...

10th international beekeeping contest

Send in your photos for the 10th international photo contest on the topic of bees and their environment to win prizes at the Macia Expo 2017.

ApiBio 2016 - Conference video

Find out more about ApiBio 2016, the 4th World Symposium on Organic Beekeeping in Santiago del Estero from 6 to 10 September 2016. Its main goal is to establish organic...

Save the honeybees: Presentations from BIOFACH

During the annual BIOFACH Messe in Nürnberg, Germany, 2016 the IFOAM Apiculture Forum presented the following topic: How the IFOAM Organic Beekeeping Group wants to save...

Press release: Organic beekeeping enjoys international backing

The importance of honeybees to agriculture and thus to human survival is well known. Nevertheless, the honeybee as a species is in danger of extinction but we still have...


The main aim of the IFOAM Apiculture Forum is to advance the development of organic beekeeping and to encourage the traditional practices employed by sustainable beekeeping. The tasks to be tackled are many and various. More ...

What is organic beekeeping

The principles of organic farming and organic husbandry likewise apply for organic apiculture and the processing of beekeeping products. More ...



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